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What are fraud, waste and abuse?
Who should report?
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What should not be reported?
What Happens after a report is made?

Audit Hotline

To report Fraud, Abuse, and Waste call 630-23-Audit (630-232-8348) or click here.

The Auditor’s Office has concentrated its efforts to bring transparency to government spending and being pro-active in stopping the misuse of taxpayer monies. We believe that taxpayers need to know what elected & appointed officials do with your money. The Auditor’s Office has implemented a Fraud and Compliance Hotline. To access the Hotline page, click the Audit Hotline button above.​

What happens after a report is made?

Once a report is made, the Auditor’s Office will assign a report identification number and to the extent allowed by law, the staff will review and handle the information reported to the Audit Hotline in a confidential and professional manner. They will then conduct a preliminary investigation of the alleged activity and if evidence substantiates possible fraud, waste or abuse a full investigation will follow.